From Pineapple Jalebi to Broccoli Coffee check out some of the most bizarre food fusions






Chefs who believe in the power of authenticity in food think that fusion is confusing. But fusion is also about evolution, adaptation, and experimentation, and the outcomes may be rather pleasant at times. However, most of the time it ends in absolute disappointment. Some of these “unique” delicacies have made their way into the regular food menu throughout the years in the name of innovation, and whether we like them or not, we must live with them since they have come into the trend.

​Chocolate Dimsum/Momos

Image Source: indiatoday

Chocolate Dimsum, which is now a staple on the menus of most Pan-Asian restaurants, is everything but tasty. The enchantment of warm, cosy momos eaten with zingy chutney gets lost in the chocolate version, with a soft mushy crust and a molten, runny inside that borders on being sticky and bland. Please don’t give it to us!

Pineapple Jalebi

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A jalebi is sheer delight. It is a plate of happiness that is not only a scientifically proved mood raiser but also a sweet with such a deep cultural and psychological effect that it is regarded as a remedy for an upset stomach, a severe cough, and most assuredly a broken heart. And when something as sacred as a jalebi gets a pineapple lookalike, we are not ready to accept it.

​Chocolate Golgappa

Image Source: aartimadan

This strange food, which is now a standard on wedding menus, can only be described by the term “yuck.” However, the chocolate and almonds offered with it cannot be complemented by an Indian-style suji or an atta golgappa puri. For lovers of golgappa, seeing their favorite meal disparaged in this way is actually highly upsetting.

Ice cream Soda

Image Source: collinsdictionary

We still have it, which indicates that it has a following even though it was popular in the 90s. But we would prefer them separately rather than sipping down delicious ice cream floating over watery soda and marvelling at its perplexing flavour.

Broccoli Coffee

Image Source: peaklife

It is past time for broccoli aficionados to recognise their limits. As if slipping it into soup and pizza wasn’t enough, it’s now taking the magic from our cup of coffee! Whatever the benefits, we don’t want a coffee that has anything to do with broccoli!

​Fruit Pizza

Image Source: girlversusdough

Strawberry, pineapple, and banana look wonderful on branches, but not on our ultimate comfort meal, the buttery, puffy pizza of our dreams. A fruit pizza is a fake and should be outlawed completely.


Image Source: onedoessimply

They are a life-saving snack for individuals on a keto diet who are avoiding carbohydrates. They are made with zucchini and sometimes carrots. But why are they dressed like noodles? They can be named curly zucchini salad or spicy carrot curls, but naming them noodles is like reaching the pinnacle of one’s aspirations and then tumbling down!

From above all the dishes what you wanna try, tell us in the comment section

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